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Being a new student is not always easy especially if you are from another state or country. However, we are here to assist so that you will have a pleasant time during your programme of study.

The information on this page is designed to help you prepare for coming to study in our College. It is normal to feel some homesickness to begin with while you adjust to your new life, but remember everyone is in the same boat and we have a team of friendly counsellors and student services staff who are there to make sure your experience at Early Heights College is a happy one.

Orientation Programme

The orientation programme is designed to welcome you as a student of the College. Besides getting yourself acquainted with our academic and administrative staff, you will be given information about the campus, departments, facilities & services.

This is a programme not to be missed! Other activities to look out for include guided tours, student photo taking session, programme and subject briefing, subject enrolments as well as fun-filled activities and games for you to meet friends.

If you are not able to be present on Orientation day, you are required to inform the admissions officer at the Information Centre.

Student Resource & Lifestyle Guide

The guide contains information about campus services and resources available to students, general rules and regulations, enrolment information and important dates. A copy of the Student Resource and Lifestyle Guide has been made available on the student portal page.

Early Heights College Pre-degree Rules and Regulations

The students are expected to be aware and comply with the institutional rules and regulations. Non-compliance could lead to suspension of the use of facilities. This may involve disciplinary action(s) being taken against you. A copy of the school Rules and Regulations handbook has been made available on the student portal.

Student Records

Your personal details will be captured from the programme application form submitted by you and stored securely in our computer systems that hold students' data.

If you have any pending data and/ or documents, you must submit them to us within 14 working days from the commencement date of your programme.

You are advised to update your personal details by submitting the relevant documents to us each time there is a change in your personal particulars like contact numbers, addresses, etc. This is to help ensure that your records are updated accurately and completely.


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