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Early Heights College is cognisant of Corporate Social Responsibility ideals that are embedded in the core of all its endeavours. The College’s best practices in relation to its social responsibility (SR) are not solely that of the institution’s but include its main stakeholders, the students who go on to become future employees and leaders of the nation and the community.

The 2 main areas of Early Heights College efforts are:

1. Scholarships

Early Heights College is one of the few colleges in Nigeria that operates 100% under a Foundation. This model of sustainability, financial strength and benevolence is an excellent example of Community Social Responsibilities.
Scholarships are available annually and those who meet the requirements are encouraged to apply for the scholarships under the categories of academic achievement, sports and need.

2. Responsible citizenship and community outreach activities  

Early Heights College believes in providing an all-encompassing, holistic education through experiential learning. Every opportunity is given to expand students’ thinking and to learn about the world beyond the classroom. Students are given leeway to be involved with the wider community, including the less privileged. Through such community outreach, students become adept at problem solving, develop interpersonal skills and leadership attributes. With such an understanding of the needs of the community, they can go on to become responsible adults who can compete successfully in the world. The scholarship award is in four categories namely, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Marble.


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