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Early Heights College is an open areas that are conducive for students discussions, communications, e-learning and working on course assignments.

We also provide campus bookshop, sports facilities, our Olympic-sized swimming pool and badminton courts as well as clubs and societies ranging from cultural and international, leisure and recreational to religious interest groups.

We also value security and have, therefore set up a 24-hour Security and Auxiliary Police & Security personnel who are accorded full fledged auxiliary police status.


Science Laboratories

Our ultra-modern laboratories are well-equipped with the complete tools and materials for various experiments, especially in the fields of Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Computer & Multimedia Production Laboratories

Our computer laboratories are well-equipped with up-to-date software and hardware to facilitate teaching and learning. Our laboratories are also equipped with the latest hardware and software, including Linux and Windows-based computers.

IT Facilities

Early Heights College main computer centre supports teaching and learning. The centre has multiple labs of PCs and Macs with a comprehensive range of software. IT Helpdesk counter is located in computer room.

Some of our classrooms and lecture halls are equipped with updated technologies like projectors, sound system and instructor PCs with high-speed Internet access. There are a number of facilities equipped with digital interactive boards for better teaching and learning between instructors and students.

Art & Design Studios

We offer a range of studios from design to print making, from ceramics to painting and drawing, photography, and an art gallery to highlight our students' works. Our art studios aim at developing practical skills and students projects for portfolio showcases.

Sports Facilities

Early Heights College is one of the few private institutions to offer complete sporting facilities with various sports tournaments scheduled throughout the year.

The underlisted are some of the sports facilities of the school:

  • Basketball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Table Tennis
  • Swimming Pool
  • Football Field


The Library is conducive for both reading and research purposes. It is well structured and well stocked with books and journals. It also acquires, organizes, preserves and makes available a large volume of informative materials to her users (staff and students) while maintaining a growing collection that is comprehensive in all areas of knowledge.
With the introduction of Electronic Library (E-Library), both staff and students find it easy to get material on the Internet outside the well stocked books in our library. This makes our school one of the leading schools around Nigeria.

School Clinic

The school clinic is well equipped with modern medical equipment and with essential drugs. It has qualified nurses and a matron aside a visiting Doctor who comes twice a week to review cases and for consultation. There are separate wards, for boys and girls. Students with minor ailments are treated and those with severe illness are referred to an adopted hospital close to the school. Usually, in this instance, the parent of such a student is contacted within 12 hours. Generally, the students hardly fall sick since they are well fed and fumigation of the environment is done at regular intervals.